Curriculum and Program

Curriculum and Program

Mini Master Chefs 

child-bakingCooking with children is about touching, tasting, experimenting, and enjoying eating what you have made together. Mini masterchefs will provide a safe environment for cooking with children where you can have fun without having to worry about the mess! We love parent helpers at this time, you’re welcome to join us during the Mini Masterchef classes. Please check the monthly program located on the noticeboard.


Child Care Centre DanceMiss Anna, our very much loved Dance Teacher, comes from Joan Carmody School of Dancing. She teaches the children a range of dances. Our children love bopping to music, developing actions to words and having so much fun. She joins us every Tuesday and Thursday.

‘When young children use their imaginations in play, they are more creative, perform better at school tasks, and develop a problem-solving approach to learning. Educating a child’s imagination is therefore an important way to prepare children for the future.’ Isenberg & Jalongo (2001).


Our children will be involved in the Munch & Move program daily.munch and move

Why do we need Munch & Move?

Early childhood is the ideal time for children to form healthy food and physical activity habits that will give them the best chance of maintaining a healthy weight throughout their lives. It is also a great time to cultivate the fundamental movement skills and confidence children need to enjoy physical activities at school.

Many children spend a substantial amount of time in early childhood services, therefore it is important that these services provide an environment that supports and encourages healthy lifestyles for young children with a focus on physical activity and healthy eating.

Key messages  


multisportThe Multisports program is designed to teach kids the fundamentals of four key sports:

Soccer | Basketball | Football | Netball

Multisports by Little Champions




Mr Squiggle and Smart Art 

art-and-craftsArt and craft is a wonderful experience for children. They are able to use their own imagination to be creative.

Some art and craft mediums used at Love Of Learning are:

  • Drawing
  • Clay
  • Collage
  • Construction
  • Painting and many more

Messy Mucky Play 

Messy Mucky Time

 messy-mucky-play kids-playing-in-puddle


Incursions, Fun Days 

egg-hatchOur yearly timetable consists of special days where we have guest visitors join us and teach us valuable lessons.

We have fun days based on special celebrations throughout the year.

We love having our families join us during these days.

Prep School Program- Literacy and Numeracy 

Prep School Literacy

Prep School Numeracy

Montessori Activities 




Outdoor Play 

Child Care Centre outdoor play     Child Care Centre outdoor play     outdoor3

Yoga and Meditation

Our centre is lucky to have an educator who teaches yoga and meditation on a daily basis as part of the daily program.

This is done every morning before the beginning of all the activities.

Yoga and meditation teaches has proven to teach children to:

  • learn self control
  • alternative to crying and throwing tantrums
  • learn to be calm
  • control their emotions
  • develop problem and resolution skills
  • have body awareness, space awareness and mindfulness
  • combat behavioural and developmental issues
  • find a solution for  stress and anxiety

yoga-2   yoga   yoga-1

Milestones Programs

Our milestones programs cater for the ages of:

12 – 24 Months (Babies) 

2 – 3 Years (Caterpillars) and

3 – 6 Years(Butterflies) of age.

ELC Program