Messy Mucky Time

Messy Mucky Time

messy-mucky-playChildren are active learners and learn through play. Messy play is particularly valuable because it stimulates many of their senses at once. They can feel, smell, see, and sometimes even taste the consequences of their messy active play.

Children are doing many things at once when engaged in messy play. They can be observing, creating, building, exploring, imagining, discovering, investigating, interpreting, even relaxing. They are the ones directing the learning opportunity.

Despite the heart palpitations many parents face when confronted with the words ‘messy play’, we know a wide range of these sensory experiences make an enormous contribution to babies and young children’s cognitive and creative development. But don’t worry…..we’ve got it covered.

Messy play helps children to relax, express their feelings, experiment with different materials, learn about texture and develop hand-eye coordination or practice the skills of pouring, measuring and mixing. Ultimately our experience has taught us that children love getting their hands dirty while exploring the world around them.

In each age group you will find messy play ranges with paint, sand, water, aromas, cornflakes, soap flakes and other safe materials for early years play.

Our babies love to experience bubbles, reaching out for them and watching them disappear provoking many puzzled reactions whilst three year olds experiencing the powers of cornflower can provoke a similar reaction. We encourage our children to set their own challenges in messy play enabling them to problem solve, plan and see things through completion.